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4-in-1 Brushless Servodrive

Suitable for Motion Control and Robot Application
>>>One servo drives 6 motors
>>>One motion controller
>>>Energy saving
>>>One shared power-supply
>>>Space saving up to 50%
>>>Modular design
***Additional functions***
>>>Motor auto-configuration
>>>Motor parameter in resistance / inductance
>>>Current control loop parameters
>>>Inertia auto-tuning
>>>Electrical zero calibration
>>>Online auto-tuning of position/speed loop
>>>Zero-motion alignment (incremental encoder)

Product Details

The 4-in-1 Brushless Servodrive is designed to control up to 4 highperformance sinusoidal servo motor (PMSM) as position servo or speed/torque driver. The key characteristic of the 4-in-1 product is the extreme compactness of design that is supported by a unified dc-link and common control logic. This Servodrive is well suited for applications where axis braking energy can be shared across motors (e.g. robotics, CNC systems and automatic machines). The compactness of the electronics allows the Servodrive to fit almost all kinds of machines, reduces costs in cabling greatly, improves overall EMC machine performance and shrinks the volume of electric cabinet footprints. It’s even possible to couple power electronics directly to machine basement as heatsinker to reduce electronics loss.
The Servodrive is designed to be operated by fieldbus. Aiming to a high performance interpolation, the high speed EtherCAT interface can be used. For positioning and decentralized function the CiA402 profiles can be employed (e.g. point to point positioning, speed with limited torque). The board is equipped with digital input output and analogic inputs in order to locally manage a small area of the machine without additional communication or cabling requirements. We provide a powerful and easy-to-use windows Software software. You can grab the waveform, view the state machine, set the inside speed, inside position, and max. torque, monitor the host computer, copy the parameters and view the history and so on.

Technical Parameters

Training video

Through this video, you can understand the basic use of the Scramp robot.

Application video

Through this video, you can understand the application of the Scramp robot in actual production.




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