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Robot controller

Scramp robot controller is able to integrate robot motion control, real-time industrial bus and PLC Open as one controller. ARC controllers are designed to manage automated machinery, with programmable logic controllers (PLCs), machine vision tracking and feeding systems, robotics motion control of forward and backward algorithms.

•Designed with integrated Codesys operating environment User friendly
•Support the full product line of Scramp Robotics GmbH
•Support EtherCAT
•No additional modules required for extended vision systems
•One controller can be shared by different robots
•Control different kinds of robots, simulation of movements and remote control

Product Details

The controller is a design based on the powerful Intel x86 Skylake and real-time industrial Ethernet. On this platform, the controller can handle the axial movement in space coordination and the robotic multi-axis interpolation motion control tasks in three dimensions. The device supports the easy-to-use international standard IEC61131-3 Codesys V3 programming mode. Through standard PLC-OPEN motion control module and extended Scramp motion control module, the controller can easily achieve planned robot trajectory  and control.

The integration of EtherCAT in the Controller master-level can ease the communication with industrial bus devices (eg servo motors and digital inputs and outputs). The information process of bus communication and function control under Codesys environment can be achieved by bus management module.


The system includes a visual tracking module that can track objects using industrial cameras. Through this tracking module, customers can program the robot trajectory under the Codesys environment. In addition, the device supports the vision tracking module to adjust the robot's workspace based on the changing position of the target object.   

Besides that the controller provides a CNC programming environment which makes records of  the robot's positions via the graphical interface in the CNC program, which can then be called directly and repeatedly. The device supports the development of user interfaces by using Codesys Visu components or through the controller's TCP / IP protocol.

Application control:

PLC program logic and motion control tasks can be programmed using the standard Codesys environment. It allows the import of existing standard IEC61131-3 programs that have been developed with just a few clicks. In addition, Codesys library files are also available for common features (such as string reading, network configuration etc).

The motion kernel uses the standard PLC-Open motion control module to interact with PLC:

Motion Control Module:


Function Blocks for coordinated motion:


The standard library contains the fieldbus access module, the CNC program execution module and the industrial camera vision management module.

Technical Parameters

Training video

Through this video, you can understand the basic use of the Scramp robot.

Application video

Through this video, you can understand the application of the Scramp robot in actual production.




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