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Scramp’s multi-joint 3 finger Gripper is capable of gripping various sizes, shapes and forces of objects as needed, meaning that it can be used both for service type robots as well as for industrial applications. All three fingers can stretch vertically, and two of them support horizontal rotation at large-angle. Thus, the 3 finger Gripper of Scramp Robotics can be applied to a variety of griping tasks. Its work performance is based on high flexibility which ensures the exact directions and pressures needed, matching the objects’ shapes and sizes. The clamping diameter is from 5 mm to 380 mm.
The pressure applied to the object and the surface features are achieved through an integrated servo system.This means that it is possible to detect whether the object is in the best grip during the grasping process and/or if correction is needed.

Product Details

The maximum grasping force is roughly equivalent to the human hand, can be precisely adjusted. It can hold a cylindrical, spherical, square objects and sponge. For example: Pencils, football, apples, potatoes, beer bottles, cables cell phones etc. We can also provide our customers with software codes, simulation codes, torque control software and vision guidance control for customer convenience.


Suitable for mobile software control

12Vdc voltage of low energy consumption

Accurate force adjustment to ease the grasp of difficult to hold objects

-  Ensure accurate grip of items with different groups of  components.

Gesture presentation

Gripping object

Cylindrical object grip

Soft long object grip

Technical Parameters

Training video

Through this video, you can understand the basic use of the Scramp robot.

Application video

Through this video, you can understand the application of the Scramp robot in actual production.




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