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PCB Pick and Place machine

The PCB Pick and Place machine is designed as an integrated steel structure, equipped with automatic alignment device, the use of CCD positioning mode can help to align PCB boards automatically, without the need for human manual work, to improve efficiency and reduce product failure rate. PCB boards have an adjustable space, each section of 10 mm, optionally from 10 mm to 40 mm. Collecting machine eases machinery Belt drive mode, with rodless cylinder push, and has a fixed point output function. Its aluminum extruded track with manual fine tuning synchronization of width and width of the adjustment, and modular design of the lifting table to ensure that the PCB board output is positioned without biases.

Product Details


- The work size of that equipment is automatically adjusted, the equipment can be produce uninterruptedly, and the time for replacing materials is less

- The four-axis robot is used for closing the plate, the action is soft, no scratch is caused, the equipment is stable, and the service life is long.

- Suitable for OSP, product cleaning, hole inspection, etc., need stacking, fast production process

- Attached three-color warning light is convenient to master the mechanical operation condition

- PLC programmable system, can cooperate with any Mounter  brand

Technical data:

The working range of robot: 1100*1100mm

The width of object: 800mm

The height of object: 900~1100mm

Number of objects per minute: 60~80pcs

Technical Parameters

Training video

Through this video, you can understand the basic use of the Scramp robot.

Application video

Through this video, you can understand the application of the Scramp robot in actual production.




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